Sai Deva 3

This experience is about my dream in July 2010. That time I was posted to a far place from my husband’s place of posting, due to that I was trying desperately for my transfer. I was praying to Deva day and nightfor His help. One night, I cried a lot and slept with broken heart. Deva came in my dream and scolded me “You are crying for your transfer. Ok but after transfer don’t blame me for anything”. After that I never told anything to Deva about my transfer. Now, I can understand Deva’s planning. He is the best planner of our future. I realized Deva’s planning and blessing after my transfer to Delhi. My office was hardly 1km away from my quarter and it was always easy for me to share my problem with my boss as she was a lady and very helping in nature. In Delhi my office is at 20 kms from our township. We travel 2 hour daily by bus. The work is completely different from my previous work. So, I need to study a lot. That time I was in the family way. So, Doctor advised me to avoid journey mainly by bus and to take minimum stress. I went on my maternity leave since December 2010. Only after few days of my delivery I got the mail that I have been transferred to Delhi and I had to report there on completion of my maternity leave. Deva, You are really great. None can think and care for us better than our SAI. I love You, Sai.