Sai Deva 2

One year on Rakshabandhan after tying Rakhi to my brothers, I got the feeling that I should tie one Rakhi to Deva also because He is the one on whom I can trust for each and every thing. After a long internal debate, I tied Rakhi to Deva. Now, I feel that was Deva’s desire. In 2008, on Rakshabandhan, my brother gave me Rs 1000/- as gift. I took that very casually. After some time, I noticed that some outline is made on one of the Rs 500/- note. My good luck Sai came to my home with that Rs 500/- note. I told my brother about that, but he was completely unaware. That note is the most precious thing for me. 

In 2010 again on Rakshabandhan, I went to market to purchase Rakhi. While I was selecting Rakhi from a basket full of Rakhis, for my surprise Sai was waiting for me in that basket. I saw a photo of Deva. Again internal debate started whether I should take the photo or not and if anyone notice what they will think. Finally, I realized that this is Deva’s desire so I took that photo. Deva I am unable to explain Your love andblessings in word.