Sai Deva 1

Recently, I applied one of my medical bills for clearance. The amount was high, so account section sent it for approval from our medical officer (MO). I was unaware of the procedure for this kind of treatment that I should have immediately reported the accident incident to MO. Our MO is very strict. So, when my bill reached the MO for her approval, she rejected it saying that I should have informed her soon after the accident took place. I was very anxious and went to a colleague in account section, who is looking after the medical bills. She helped me in refilling the form and went directly to MO for approval of my bill. When I was sitting there, suddenly I saw a poster of Deva and got relaxed. After some time when I was looking at Deva, I found one line written below Deva’s photo “WHY ARE YOU ANXIOUS? I WILL TAKE ALL CARE OF YOU”. This line was complete answer of my situation. After few seconds mam came out from MO office and told me “Your bill is passed”. Deva, You are really taking all care of me, my family and whole world. 

I have lots of experiences to share, which I will send you later on.

Raham Deva. Daya Deva.